21 Days of Prayer & Fasting

January 10-30, 2021

We are called to seek God’s presence in our lives, our choices, decisions, country, community, and everywhere. We seek His guidance to understand our very existence and how we relate to those around us. Now more than ever with an election that maybe controversial, with political divide, January’s presidential inauguration, racial struggles in our communities, struggling with COVID-19, and so many other issues now more than every we need to seek Him and for Him to be present here and now. We know God has blessed our country and we seek how can we be a blessing as a country to others. So this January we are seeking His Presence in our lives, our church, our community and our country; to learn from Him and to seek justice, reconciliation, peace and how we can learn and be a light.

We will also be entering into a time of fasting and asking the congregation to join us as we seek God’s presence in everything we do.

Each day people will be provided with a scripture passage, theme, a short devotional, and a prayer to work through. 

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