Living Sent – Day 2


Matthew 20:28 “just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

When I ponder on this verse, one thing that comes to mind is “choice vs right.” Christ had the “right” to rule on earth with His sovereign power. Similarly, we have the “right” to many of the luxuries of this life. However, Christ came to this earth as a helpless baby and spent his life humbling himself and serving the most hated or marginalized sectors of his community.  We in turn must take his example and choose to humble ourselves before the Lord of host first and then walk humbly with the Lord as we encounter this world. 

While our calling may not be to give our physical life as a ransom, there are many ways we are sent to serve and be given as a ransom. When we point ourselves to God, we become less and he becomes more. When we serve in his name, with His Word as our guide, we become enabled by the Holy Spirit to do the counterintuitive thing and die to ourselves.

For example, in this broken world we have all been wronged at some point. While we have the right to be angry and settle the offense, we must choose to forgive. In doing so we please our Father.

We must go out into the world and serve our Father by serving others, according to his Word. Our obedience will increase His kingdom which is what Christ commanded us to do!

While serving may come in a more visible form such as overseas missions, there are countless ways you can serve in your community that may not be as obvious. Kindness is a service. Loving the children is a service. Caring for the mistreated (prevalent in our country today) is a service. My challenge to you is find ways to serve in your community that may not be conventional, but just as important to God based on His scripture.

Lord, my God and my redeemer, I thank you for stepping off the throne when you had no reason to do so. Thank you for taking on the gates of hell for me when I was yet a sinner. Please help me to love you with my heart and my actions. Humble my heart when I feel pride and remind me of your ultimate sacrifice when I shy away from serving due to discomfort.  But most of all, let my actions be acceptable in your sight and let your kingdom and glory increase.


Written by Matt Wilson

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2 thoughts on “Living Sent – Day 2

  1. I would suggest you start your day in the word, that is Christ, and call on the Holy Spirit to guide you through the world every day.


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