Living Sent – Day 7


Mark 6:7 And he called the twelve and began to send them out two by two, and gave them authority over the unclean spirits.

God didn’t design humans to be alone- He knows we’re better together. Two are better, stronger, and more abled than one. That’s why God created Eve for Adam, and that’s why Jesus sent the Apostles out in pairs. We are made to be together with others, even though some things may seem easier to do solo. Our lives, nor our ministries were intended to be solo-missions. In fact, Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit so that we would never have to be alone as we live our lives for Christ. We have a Helper who is always with us, and we also have the Church.

It’s obvious that aloneness isn’t God’s desire for us, especially as we spread the gospel.

Christ has called us to live on a mission, and that mission is to spread the Good News of the gospel. That means going out into the world and reaching the unreached. We often think of the “unreached” as foreign people, tribes across the world, but we might just overlook the people in our own neighborhoods or workplaces who have never heard the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

If sharing the gospel is a new concept for you, or maybe you aren’t sure how to begin “living sent,” I encourage you to grab a mentor or a friend. Remember that two are better than one!

Father, thank you for your love and your sacrifice for us. If anyone feels alone in their walk with Christ, I pray you would send them a partner/friend to walk with on their journey of faith. Thank you for giving us the Holy Spirit and brothers and sisters in Christ so we don’t have to face life alone. Fill us with your Spirit, God, and urge us to share the life-giving truth of your Word with others, changing the world around us for your glory.


Written by Abigail Lineberry

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