Living Sent – Day 19


Psalm 38:9 O Lord, all my longing is before you; my sighing is not hidden from you.

As living sent, we long for God, for others to know Christ, and for ourselves to grow deeper in Him.

We all have that one thing… that one thing in life that we wanted so badly… with our whole heart we wanted it, thought we deserved it, knew it was exactly what would complete us.  It might have been a person we wanted to date, or a dream job, or a relocation to a perfect destination, or an addition to the family. But it didn’t happen. There was no explanation, no logical reason, no simple way to understand or accept it.

Psalm 38:9 reminds us that God is with us always, even during those heart-wrenching times when we are longing, sighing, hurting, confused, or frustrated. He is with us during those times when it is difficult to believe that we are sent, that we are here on mission, that we have purpose, that we are here on His behalf.

During our journey here on earth, we are going to have times of longing for God, longing to see His face, hear His word, feel His comfort.  We are going to have times when we are longing for others to know Christ, wanting them to be saved, to not suffer in darkness or loneliness.  We are going to have times when we are wanting to grow in Christ and no longer feel stuck. (insert dramatic music here!) But God. But God knows our hearts, He knows our desires, He knows we are hurting, He knows our shortcomings, and He still loves us, He hurts with us, He has plans for us that are bigger than our wildest imaginations, bigger than our desires. In our struggles, He wants us to know He is on this journey with us and He has us, He holds us, and He will see us through it.

God, I Thank you for your ever-loving presence. Thank you for guiding my path and pulling me near when I try to stray or wander. Thank you for promising that You are with me during my longing, my sighing, my impatience, and my frustrations. I ask that You take my human desires and doubts and replace them with a longing for Your truth and Your promise. I lift this all up in Your Son’s precious holy name.


Written by T Tringali

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