Week 1 of 22 Days…

When praying, it is not so much about what you say in your prayer but the directing of your heart. The Lord weighs the heart—and there are three attitudes of the heart that God responds to in particular; desperation, repentance, and humility. We will not always get the answer we seek at the moment we seek it, but often when we reflect back we see where God has answered our prayers.

“…God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” 


Discussion Questions 

Have you ever needed to pray about something but just didn’t know how? How did you overcome this obstacle? 

God knows our thoughts, but praying out loud is still important. How can verbalizing requests when praying help you? 

What are some ways you can make yourself comfortable enough to pray out loud? For example, playing worship music loudly, etc. 

God cares most about our prayer attitude. Think about a time when you came to Him with an attitude of desperation, repentance, or humility. How did God 


Prayer Focus 

Ask God to cultivate a heart of humility in you. Ask God to search your heart and show you if there is any hard heart in you.  Repent and confess your need for Him. 

Next Steps 

Determine the best place to worship and pray in your home, and set aside time to pray there every day. During that time, focus on developing a closer relationship with God and committing your day to Him.

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