Day 2

January 11 // Stephen Moeller

John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.”

Jesus is the way. He is the one and only way… leading and guiding us on our daily journey of faith in this lifetime and also the way of salvation into heaven. He is telling us to follow Him.

Jesus is the truth. As a man, He was a prophet and taught the way of God in truth. As a King, He is just and true and encompasses all the truths of the gospel.

Jesus is the life. He is the fulfillment of life here on earth and the only way we can know the Father in heaven. 

We must know Jesus. By seeing Jesus, we see the Father’s presence, for the Son proceeds from the Father. Jesus is the reason that God’s presence is no longer resting in one place or on one person like it was in the past.  As John 14:6 says, in order for you to come to the Father you must first see the Son.

Now, how to be in the presence of God is a question with answers that are as numbered as the stars, because God meets us in many places in our lives. There is one thing in common with them all, and it starts with spending time with Him whether that’s praying and speaking truthfully with Him or singing His greatness and goodness. Whatever it is, there are countless ways to be met by God and be in His presence. But, it all starts with looking for Him and being willing to spend time with Him. 

Lord, I pray that you would show me your presence so that I would know it better. I pray you would make clear to me, your words and your actions, so that I may thank you and praise you for all your presences and for all that you have laid your hands in Lord.


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